Welcome to Kunshan Zhihao Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

High quality and durable

The outstanding representatives of the plastic pallets, plastic garbage cans, plastic turnover boxes, we have done very carefully, but also in environmental protection, also has a very good performance

Excellent team, industry elite

All the staff of the company have made great efforts to create high quality products of distinctive features. Company with high-quality personnel, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management

Flexibility,Advanced process technology

We have worked on the plastic products with many partners more than 10 years. Our flexibility to offer you the best products by material and price. 

About us

    Kunshan Zhihao Plastic Products is one of the largest high-tech plastic manufacturers in China. We supply a wide range of plastic products and services to local and international business.

We have been trusted suppliers of various plastic products for many years and continue to get bulk orders for our plastic products from businesses world-wide. We offer quality plastic products such as:

Plastic PalletsWaste Bins

Beverage Crates/ Plastic Turnover Boxes

Garbage Cans/   Plastic Logistics Crates

Welcome to Kunshan Zhihao Plastic Products and feel free to contact us for the detailed information. We are just right here waiting for you.

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